In August 1991
SATIR has been started researching on infrared camera technology, setting up the project of developing SAT-9101, the first commercial industrial inspecting infrared camera in China.
In February 1995
there was a promotion conference held by China Electricity Council for SATIR infrared camera. SATIR product has become the inspecting instrument of power sector.
In April 1997
SATIR Pyroelectricity Cameras” was firstly put on the list of Torch Program by State Science and Technology Committee, which made SATIR become the first infrared enterprise to be listed in the Program.
In October 2000
SATIR attained industrialization, established China’s first R&D center of infrared camera, built a world-level R&D team, released a batch of advanced cameras, trained a competitive sales team, and set up its own market network. SATIR has become the leading enterprise in commercial infrared camera industry.
From 1991 to 2000
The Palm Housing design, Duo-vision which combined the thermal and visual images, and the digital temperature displaying on the screen, were SATIR’s innovation technique, and which have been widely used in infrared camera industry.
In March 2001
SATIR’s team went to France. That was China’s first delegation for FPA detector training.
In June 2001
SATIR released HY6000, the first “Made in China” NFPA camera. From that, Chinese Infrared thermal imaging stepped in the era of FPA.
In April 2002
SATIR formally released HY6800, the first Chinese FPA camera in the U.S.A. SATIR become one of the rare Chinese infrared camera manufacturers in the world.
From 2004
large quantities of SATIR cameras entered into international market. Japan, France, Germany and other more than 30 countries have signed agreements with SATIR. SATIR as a brand has been set up.
In September 2005
the national standard “Industrial Inspection Thermal Imagers” was enacted by the SAC and has implemented on April 2006. The national standard become guideline for R&D of domestic infrared camera manufactures as well as users, accelerated the application in variety of industries.
In 2007
the product of SATIR have been granted as the “national new products” by State Scientific and Technology Bureau, the State Commerce Department, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, and the Bureau of Environment Protection of China.
In May 2008
SATIR set up a company in Ireland, achieving the goal of going overseas. The French R&D center and UK trade center indicated that SATIR has successfully composed a new chapter abroad.
In December 2011
SATIR’s 2012 new product introduction meeting and annual order exhibition was successfully held, which praised as the “Guide post of the China thermal imaging applications technology” and “Weather glass of the international infrared imaging market”.
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