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SATIR, the advocator and the leader for the popularization of thermal technology

Zhenpeng Chen, Marketing Director of SATIR

After entering the 21st century, thermal imaging technology has been widely used in every domain of the human society. Due to the ever matured product structure and sales channel, large enterprises from those highly developed countries are targeting the thermal imaging application market, by expending of the scale and the investment; they try to monopolize the market, the most typical scenario is multinational merge and reform between enterprises in the thermal industry, huge amount of international funds had been invested, the production has been kept expended, as a result, the infrared camera as the industrial tool has flushed into every domain of the human society, the “mass popularization” era has arrived.

Back in 2008 on the CIOE, Mr. Wu Jiping, chairman of SATIR, had given a very prospective speech on the development trend of the infrared application technology : the “mass popularization” of infrared technology is global, covering varies of domains and aspects, the width、 depth and range of which is unpredictable today. He also said that SATIR has more than 20years experiences in the infrared industry, which gives us full confidence, and we are familiar with how the future looks like and we know how to handle, so we are fully confident and will take actions as soon as possible to build the dam before the flood arrives, and then the greater harvest will be ours.

Time flies, after 7 years, his prediction has been verified by the history, industrialization and large scale production has enable the infrared camera with low price has rushed into the market, every enterprise, inspection department of certification authority, government and even individuals begin to understand and accept the infrared imaging technology.

Today, the infrared camera has become the consumer product from the luxury industrial product, and consumer group will switch to the ordinaries(generalization) from the nobles(big enterprises or professionals) , for the Chinese infrared camera manufacturers, the most important mission is to based on the popularization of infrared camera and to reduce the price and  the cost by applying the advance technology and management improvement, making the infrared camera affordable by every industry in China, this is already the fact without any argument. 

However, this looks simple, but not easy to achieve.

In fact, those who provoke the price war first are always the enterprises with cost advantages. The essence of the price war is the strategy on cost advantage, enterprises with low cost have much better flexibility during the operation in the market: if they price similar to the competitors, then they will have higher profits; if they pursue the similar profit as the competitors, then they can price lower to penetrate the market by low price strategy, winning bigger market share and creating the market entry barriers for the competitors. Now, the key of the core competence of the enterprise is decided by if there is competitive advantages in the production level, therefore, the core competence can be considered as Comparative Advantage.

SATIR, as the first entry into the research of infrared camera enterprise, has been going through in the industry for more than two decades, from the Pyroelectric camera to FPA camera, from small scale to large scale production, from domestic enterprise to well-known enterprise in the world, from hundreds of sales of infrared cameras to thousands a year. By the cost advantages of modernization and standardization and the accurate positioning and management of market trends, SATIR is fully confident to take the role as the advocator and leader in the “mass popularization” era of infrared camera.

In April 2011, SATIR Minir infrared camera was officially launched in Shenzhen electrical exhibition, symbolizing that the infrared camera’s entry into the “mass popularization” and revolution era has arrived.

A tossed stone raises a thousand ripples, the well known enterprises from domestic and overseas have joined the battle, after that, SATIR has kept moving forward, a series of intensive market activities has become the direction of the “mass popularization”, affecting the nerves of the global infrared imaging market. 

“its width、 depth and range is unpredictable today” ————Mr. Wu Jiping, Chairman of SATIR has said in 2008 once.

Zhenpeng Chen
Sept 15, 2015

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