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The Appearance of UPC, the Focus of Attention——SATIR participated in 2015 CPSE Expo

On October 29th 2015, the CPSE exhibition was held solemnly at Shenzhen Convention Center. This is an international Expo in the security field with the widespread influence, and also is a high-level security ceremony with the scale, the professionalization, and the internationalization. 

As the leading enterprise in the industry of thermal imaging camera in China, SATIR this time brought the ingenuity piece in 2015, the new generation universal core UPC, catching the attention of most domestic and overseas buyers. Some purchasers even indicated that a bulk purchasing should be carried out for their security surveillance systems.

UPC has the features of applying to the various solutions, outputing the standard video, and owning the imaging processing function, which make the core easily be integrated into the existing surveillance camera, CCTV system, robotic system, the weapon's visual system, UAV system and the vehicle system. The users also can easily find the approachs to apply UPC based on their industrial characteristics.

UPC is leading the thermal imaging camera from the era of professional production into the era of simple and easy system integration, and is increasing the popularity of thermal imaging technology on a global scale.

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