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SATIR helped power equipment to work safely—— Foshan Power Supply Bureau training exchange meeting

      As the leading domestic enterprises in the field of thermal imaging, SATIR had been committed to provide the most advanced products and best solutions for the Power Grid Corporation. Upon request of the Foshan Power Supply Bureau, SATIR organized a seminar on the implementation of infrared diagnostic technology on May 25, 2016. Through on-site exchange, drills and field operation, SATIR trained its trainees.

      he training equipment was the world's leading 640X480 series infrared thermal imager SAT-G96 and the training course was aiming to improve the professional engineers’ skill in operating infrared cameras and to increase the discovery rate of anomaly by using infrared thermal imaging technology inspecting power equipment.
     SAT-G96 has met with a favorable reception with excellent image quality and outstanding design. Many professional engineers had said they would continue to support SATIR.

     After one day of exchange, trainees agreed that the training help them further understand the infrared diagnostic technology which would build their confidence in performing the diagnosis. They all agreed that they thanked SATIR very much for organizing and implementing this training course.

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