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   From 11th to 17th September, the SATIR team was invited by the Ghanaian local partner and Electricity Company for a short period of professional training on SATIR new PK160 which was bought by the Electricity Company. SATIR also introduce its new touch screen model Hotfind-S to the partner and the electricity company.


   Ghanaian electricity company was very satisfied with the professional training provided by the SATIR team and the partner, expressed an interest in cooperating with SATIR, The electricity company will place a new order to SATIR very soon, and will consider to purchase SATIR middle and higher level infrared cameras as well. 


Trainees are studying very hard


   A business meeting was held by the local partner in Takoradi, Ghana, a company that works in a variety of sectors including local oil manufacturing, transportation, coal mining, gas company, security company all attended the meeting. The SATIR team presented a full range of infrared cameras to them and also the business plan for Ghana.  SATIR takes a leading position in the infrared technology field and is willing to do it’s best to meet customers’ requirements. As known to all, success of customers is SATIR’s greatest achievement.


Trainees are checking the equipment carefully.                                                                       SATIR professional staff presented Hotfind-S


   To most people, autocracy, corruption, poverty, backwardness, diseases are the synonyms of Africa. But, entering into the new century, countries around the world have generally made great efforts and investments in Africa to increasing the economics, particularly the investments from China, makes the Africa of now become the pole of the world economic growth.


   SATIR, the thermal camera manufacturer with 25 years’ experience on infrared technologies will take this opportunity hand in hand with our local partners and customers to build a new world in Africa.


   SATIR will heed the call from the national “Belt and Road Initiative” project, that will increase the investment in Africa, to open a new chapter of win-win cooperation with its partners and customers and create a better tomorrow in Africa.


 This training was successful and being satisfied.


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