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New Silk Road, New Opportunity ——SATIR in Global Electric Power Tech

Korea Global Electric Tech was held at the COEX International Convention and Exhibition Center, Seoul, Korea, from May 10 to 12, 2017. The exhibition was organized mainly by the Korea Electri ngineers Association and the Korea Investment and Trade Promotion Agency. Since 2003, the exhibition has been held every year. The exhibition has been strongly supported by Korea Electric Power Group, Korea Water and Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., Korea Central Electric Power Company, Korea West Power companies, the Korea Electric Power Technology Research Institute, South Korea's Southeast Power Company, South Korea's South Power Company and many other power companies and the Korean Electric Power Association and many other units. According to the official statistics of the organizers, this exhibition has 457 exhibitors including 128 international exhibitors, and about 12541 Korean visitors and 1854 international visitors. 

group photo of SATIR sales and distributor

The main models of SATIR at the exhibition were PK160 and D300 which were for hand-held industrial applications, UMTI which was for hand-held security, and also CK350-VN which was for temperature measuring monitoring. Among these models, PK160 and D300 attracted a large number of visitors to come for consulting and trial, and won the majority of users and affirmation. In the process of demonstration, the booth often drew a crowd of visitors. In the second day of the exhibition, one power industry newspaper made a related interview on PK160, and the newspaper said as one new model of South Korean power industry the performance and price of PK160 was very attractive. It would publish the report of PK160 and introduced it to more users.

Korea Tech News: METEOR representative Kim TaeJung accepted an interview on SATIR thermal imaging camera PK160

Overall, the exhibition had a very good effect, which was of great significance for SATIR to enter Korea market. During the exhibition SATIR had received order from the visitor; it can be believed that SATIR would get more in the future.

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