Salary and welfare
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Salary and welfare
A brief overview of the compensation policy

1. In order to attract and retain outstanding talents, the company provides certain competitive remuneration and welfare treatment in the same industry, and strives to establish a scientific, fair and reasonable compensation mechanism.
2. The company will evaluate the company's salary level every year according to the company's operating conditions, changes in the labor market and other factors, and make a decision on salary increase and adjustment range.
3. Comprehensive factors such as employees' job level, work attitude, position importance, complexity and simplicity of work, personal performance, ability level, education background, professional title/qualification are the determinants of employees' salary increase.
4. The salary structure of the company is composed of basic salary, performance salary, seniority salary and overtime salary as stipulated in the labor contract. Individual departments may have different salary structures according to their special circumstances.
5. The human resources department will assess the salary level of employees according to their post, experience, ability, performance and other factors.

Statutory welfare

Five social insurance and one housing fund, enter a job namely for employee pay endowment, medical treatment, inductrial injury, unemployed, birth danger and housing accumulation fund.

Other benefits

1. Free physical examination. (annual physical examination is provided to comprehensively examine people's physical conditions and prevent various health risks as early as possible.)
2. According to the actual situation, the company organizes various employee activities irregularly, such as travel and football games.
3. Working meals. The company provides employees with free working lunch, overtime, overtime meals for free.
4. The company provides free shuttle buses for employees to and from work on designated routes.

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