Power Grid
Online Inspection System for Smart Grid
  mart grid means to make the power grid smart. It is also called “Grid 2.0”. By building the integrated, high speed bothway communication network, Grid 2.0 make use of the advanced sensor and measuring technology, advanced equipment technology, the advanced control method and advanced decision to support system technology application.  


  As temperature digital monitoring system, Infrared on-line monitoring intelligent warning system is an indispensable part to a digital substation. SATIR develop the new generation of Infrared thermal imaging on-line monitoring smart warning system for digital substation. This system can operate 24/7 for the condition monitoring of power facilities and early detect and eliminate possible fault defects, and diagnostic defects, and provide some feasible solutions.  





  SATIR on-line surveillance smart warning system consist of infrared detectors, monitoring server, database, console, displays, mass data storage, network hub etc. The smart grid monitoring center can make use this system to monitor the power facilities and security of substation.  



 The features and characteristic of SATIR on-line surveillance smart warning system:
 Five features:


  2.    Exclusive One Line Pass feature. It means data transmission and control can be done by one single network line.    

  3.    The third generation digital infrared surveillance can provide excellent image, temperature flexibility, temperature measurement precision, the real-time control and data availability.The accuracy of temperature detection is ±2℃.    

  4.    Measurement modes include spots, line , profile, boxes etc.    

  5.    For setting of each inspected components temperature parameters and alarm valve value, improve the monitoring flexibility and temperature measuring precision, reduce electrical failure or defect misjudgment rate.    

  6.    On the basis of the electric power equipment infrared diagnosis technical guideline, offers a variety of test and temperature rise combination method. Especially calculation for specified electrical component between the relative temperature methods, make electrical failure or defect infrared detection are not affected by environmental temperature changes.    

 Nine major characteristics:


  2.    IEC61850 communication protocol    

  3.    Strictly follow the Infrared Inspection Application Standard to measure the temperature    

  4.    High temperature measurement and recognition to the subject    

  5.    Auto correction function    

  6.    Monitoring interval and parts can be customized    

  7.    Inspection task set and operate    

  8.    Warning function    

  9.    System management administrate    

  10.    Video unified platform control    


  Infrared on-line monitoring intelligent warning system makes use the concept of modular integration design. System from electric field interference, can realize substation electrical equipment of intelligent monitoring after installation, and meet the substation electrical equipment monitoring and the unattended. At the same time for substation regular visit regularly, abnormal provide guidance basis, greatly improve the substation inspection work timeliness, saving cost, and is the electric power system efficiency, the development trend of intelligent.  
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